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Oka-B Vault

We retired the shoes and the colors you see below a few years back as we continue to design and explore new styles. But we found a few boxes earlier this week with a couple hundred pairs in them. So we're releasing them all to you on a first come, first serve basis. We don't have full color or size runs anymore, but if you find something you like stock up on it! Now all sales for this are final (no exchanges or returns) so double check your other Oka-B shoes to make sure you order the right size. :-)

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Oka-B Size & Fit Guide

If you are in-between sizes we recommend ordering the next size up.

Letter Sizing

Small (S) 5.5-6.5
Medium (M) 7-8
Medium-Large (ML) 8.5-9.5
Large (L) 10-11
Large-Large (LL) 11.5-12.5

Number Sizing

Oka-B Size U.S. E.U.
6 36
7 37
8 38
9 39
10 40
11 41