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Eco-Friendly & Recyclable Shoes

OkaB Shoe Cycle


At Oka-B, we pride ourselves on being an eco-friendly company practicing continuous loop recycling. Our low-waste factory in Buford, Georgia recycles everything from flip flops and sandals to boxes and other raw materials. We encourage all of our loyal consumers to recycle with us. It's so easy!Simply send your well-loved Oka-B flip flops and sandals to us at the following address:

4823 Roy Carlson Boulevard
Buford, GA 30518
Attn: Recycling

Once we receive the shoes, they are ground into small usable particles that are blended at a specific weight ratio with new material. Each color is segregated and fed into a gravimeter blender (good cocktail party lingo!) that combines regrind, virgin material, and color concentrate at a specific ratio that is fed directly into our machine. To maintain our stringent mechanical tolerances we do not blend more than 20% of recycled material when making new shoes. Any material that is deemed unusable in our process is sold to a company that turns it into industrial mats. We currently sell less than 3% of our total material.

We're doing our part to keep the planet green. Now you can, too!