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Brand Ambassador Application

Oka-B ambassadors are a community of ladies who love fashion, traveling and (usually) the salty sea air. They have infectious personalities and their passion inspires those around them.

If you are interested in becoming an ambassador, please email us at Let us know what interests you about partnering with us, what social media channels you are most active on and what your passion is. 

Oka-B Size & Fit Guide

If you are in-between sizes we recommend ordering the next size up.

Letter Sizing

Small (S) 5.5-6.5
Medium (M) 7-8
Medium-Large (ML) 8.5-9.5
Large (L) 10-11
Large-Large (LL) 11.5-12.5

Number Sizing

Oka-B Size U.S. E.U.
6 36
7 37
8 38
9 39
10 40
11 41