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Mommy + Me Gift Set

Mommy and Me shoes gift set for Mother's Day by Oka-B

"Made for Each Other" Shoes

In collaboration with fellow American footwear brand: Baubles + Soles, this adorable gift set is perfect for Mother’s Day!


About Baubles + Soles

Lisa T.D. Nguyen started Baubles + Soles after she became frustrated by the need to buy multiple shoes for her daughter to match with different outfits even though Kaia was going to grow out of them more quickly than she can wear them. The idea of creating a pair of shoes with interchangeable “baubles” to change the look of the shoe came like a lightbulb! What’s more, Lisa wanted to be able to reuse the same baubles for subsequent shoe sizes and styles. After all, “little soles change, but baubles are forever.” After exactly one year and one month of research, design, R&D, and many sleepless nights, Baubles + Soles was launched.

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Add on extra pairs for little sis, aunts, grandmas and best friends!

Oka-B Size & Fit Guide

If you are in-between sizes we recommend ordering the next size up.

Letter Sizing

Small (S) 5.5-6.5
Medium (M) 7-8
Medium-Large (ML) 8.5-9.5
Large (L) 10-11
Large-Large (LL) 11.5-12.5

Number Sizing

Oka-B Size U.S. E.U.
6 36
7 37
8 38
9 39
10 40
11 41