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Of the 20 billion pairs of shoes made each year, an estimated 300 million end up in landfills in the US alone. There, shoes can leak toxic chemicals and take anywhere from 40 to 1,000 years to decompose. We're just not ok with that.

That's where we come in. "Sustainability" is such a buzz word these days and everyone seems to be trying to get there, but we were eco-focused from day one, even before it was a trend.

“We look across the product lifecycle — from the materials to the manufacturing process to the longevity of our products and where they will end up." - Sara Irvani, Oka-B CEO

No Waste Here

While others strive to become "zero waste" brands, we started that way! We believe it's important not to create unnecessary waste in our factory and shoe designs. We do not use glue, and any scraps that are created in manufacturing are reused and made into new products. Neat, huh?

Efficient Distribution

Located in Buford, Georgia, our factory allows easy distribution throughout the United States. This drastically reduces our carbon footprint since our shoes travel 93% less than the average imported shoe.

Love, Wear, Recycle

The majority of shoes sold in the United States aren’t recyclable, and most that claim to be are really just shoe redistribution programs. At Oka-B, we believe in closed-loop recycling to reduce the use of virgin material and to keep old shoes from becoming environmental waste. The average pair of Oka-B sandals made this year contain 15-25% recycled material.

If you return your well-loved and worn Oka-B shoes to our factory, we will recycle them. Shoes that are free from contamination are recycled for use in new Oka-B products. Shoes with contaminants are processed and recycled for use in non-apparel goods.

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