Get outside this Fourth of July!

Summer is our very favorite time of the year here at Oka-B. We can think of nothing better than getting outdoors and enjoying with friends and family while wearing the most comfy and cute shoes.

Here are our favorite things to do when you get your loved ones together outdoors and celebrate.

Fun things to do on July 4th Oka-B shoes

5 Outdoor Activities to do this 4th of July

1. Block Party: A perfect way to gather up the neighbors and celebrate with potlucks, dancing, and games. With a block party you can celebrate all day and then admire the fireworks all night with the neighborhood.

2. Bike Ride: Get some fresh air and exercise with a bike ride the whole family can enjoy. Maybe even decorate them with red white and blue ribbons and streamers to get in the patriotic spirit!

3. Picnic at the Park: Go to the to the park with your family or friends with everyone’s favorite dishes and drinks for a picnic. Bring a speaker and blanket for the ultimate picnic experience!

4. Game Day: It’s game day! Spend the day with family and friends outside playing your favorite games. From football to red rover, any game is a great way for everyone to have a good time together.

5. Roast S’mores: No better way to wrap the day up than gathered around the fire, gazing at the stars, and making the classic campfire s’mores.

July 02, 2018 — Melissa Crane