CB Grey x Oka-B
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CB Grey x Oka-B
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CB Grey x Oka-B
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CB Grey x Oka-B
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CB Grey x Oka-B
Extra CB Grey x Oka-B Ribbon Bows
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Our newest collab with Atlanta-based luxury accessories brand CB Grey.
Our most popular Madison Slide Sandals with exclusive bow designs, hand drawn by this amazing artist exclusively for Oka-B. These bows can also mix and match and can be swapped out with additional scarf sets (sold separately). These bows/scarves will only work with the CB Grey x Oka-B Collaboration styles.
Extra CB Grey x Oka-B Ribbon Bows - Mera Set - Oka-B

About The Artist

Atlanta-based Courtney Buchanan has been an artist her entire life. Courtney has a unique eye for seeing beyond surface level, which can be seen in the symbolism and intentionality of her designs. She also has the ability to find life and joy in every hidden corner. Her positivity and love of life flow through her art in her choice of colors and whimsical elements.

Courtney created a line of luxury scarves and accessories that are truly one of a kind, featuring unique designs that are hand-drawn. Now we're partnering together to marry her beautiful art with our most-loved shoes.

Why Choose Oka-B?

Handmade With Love

Our shoes are handmade with love in Buford, Georgia, and we're proud to be in the 1% of remaining USA shoe manufacturers.


Our recycled AND recyclable shoes are made with a soy bio-based material. Better for you, and better for our planet.

Shoes That Love You

Water resistant and easy to clean are just a couple of our most-loved shoe features. Our shoes are designed for comfort. Because cute only works if it's also comfortable.