Now that we are fast approaching graduation and wedding season, you may have an event on your calendar that is going to be outdoors and on a grassy surface. 

You've got the perfect dress, but an outdoor event leaves little wiggle room for heels. You could get those plastic caps to go over your heels, but still risk ruining your favorite heels with wet grass and (possible) mud. Yuck

Perla gray wedge heel by Oka-b



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Oka-B heels are the perfect heel for outdoor events. They don't sink in the grass or sand!

Perla nude wedge heel by Oka-b

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And our wedge heels are easy to clean, so don't worry about ruining these shoes with water or mud, toss them in the dishwasher or wipe them off with a cleaning wipe and they are ready for their next outing.



April 26, 2018 — Melissa Crane