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White House Visit

Recap of our Leadership team at the White House for Made in America Week.
Our CEO Sara Irvani and President Kim Falkenhayn were invited to the White House
so that we could take part in a round table discussion with other proud American
companies about the importance of American Manufacturing.


(Kim Falkenhayn left; Sara Irvani right)

Shop the shoe that kept them comfortable while in D.C.
Oka-B Size & Fit Guide

If you are in-between sizes we recommend ordering the next size up.

Letter Sizing

Small (S) 5.5-6.5
Medium (M) 7-8
Medium-Large (ML) 8.5-9.5
Large (L) 10-11
Large-Large (LL) 11.5-12.5

Number Sizing

Oka-B Size U.S. E.U.
6 36
7 37
8 38
9 39
10 40
11 41