In collaboration with fellow American footwear brand: Baubles + Soles, we are excited to introduce this adorable gift set - perfect for Mother’s Day!

Mommy and Me shoe set by Oka-B and Baubles and Soles

How adorable would it be to head out to brunch on Mother's Day in matching shoes with your little? Pick up extra pairs for little sis, favorite aunt or even grandma!

Unique mother's day gift ideas by Oka-B and Baubles and Soles shoes

About the Mommy & Me Shoes

Both the Lisa ballet flats and the Kaia toddler shoes are made in the USA, slip resistant and easy to clean.

Interchangeable baubles (pom pom and heart) are included with each pair of these Mommy & Me shoes. The baubles attach with an insert-and-twist mechanism and can withstand a 30 lb pull-force.

Mother Day gift ideas by Oka-B shoes

What's Included: 

• One pair of custom Lisa ballet flats in Blush
• One pair of Kaia toddler shoes in Sand
• Two sets of red heart baubles
• Two sets of nude pom pom baubles

April 12, 2018 — Melissa Crane